Welcome to the Farewell Rio blog.

This blog contains postings about Brazil, particularly in relation to works by Roa Lynn, including a novel, Farewell Rio, and two non-fiction works, Brazil in Brief and Brazil and the USA, What Do We Have in Common?

You are invited to visit the About page, with remarks on the background of the novel Farewell Rio. The Works by Roa Lynn page offers brief descriptions of Roa Lynn’s writings and information about where they can be obtained.  Three of Roa Lynn’s works of fiction have the same protagonist, Edwina Catherine “Kate” Lawrence, an aspiring poet.  Excerpts from her poems are quoted in the novel, Farewell Rio, and the short story, Persisting.  Some of the complete poems from which these excerpts were extracted are available at the Kate’s Poems page.  Under Links, the Photo Credits page provides links to the sources of photographs used in this blog.

About corcovadopress

I am the manager of Corcovado Press, which publishes works in English on Brazilian themes. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.
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