A new feature: Photos illustrating Farewell Rio

A new feature of the Farewell Rio blog is under construction.  For each chapter of the novel, Farewell Rio, a page of photos will provide current (2011) views of the locations mentioned in the chapter together will relevant quotes from the text.  Each photo is accompanied by a brief quote from the novel mentioning the location depicted.  Please be aware that some things have changed quite a lot since 1968, the year when the action of the novel occurs.  The first page, illustrating Chapter 1, has already been installed.

To use this feature, drop down the Farewell Rio menu item at the top of the page, place your cursor on the submenu item Photos illustrating Farewell Rio and then choose an appropriate chapter.  If you click one of the photos, it will open the page that was the source of the photo.  In many cases, these source pages provide additional information, photos or maps.

About corcovadopress

I am the manager of Corcovado Press, which publishes works in English on Brazilian themes. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.
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