Google street view of the Amazon jungle.

According to an article in The Washington Post, Google has sent a team to the tiny, remote Brazilian village of Tumbira in the Amazon jungle to take street-level pictures.  I have used Google’s street-level pictures of Rio frequently for the feature Photos Illustrating Farewell Rio elsewhere at this web site.  The following photo, taken from The Post’s article, shows a Google camera-equipped tricycle photographing Tumira.

It would be wonderful if Google has published street level views of the site of the former John Kennedy Hotel on Bananal Island by the time I get around illustrating the scene in Farewell Rio where Kate and John visit that hotel.  At present, the best I can find are aerial views.

The Post’s article provides an amusing illustration of a longstanding Brazilian conspiracy theory — the idea that the United States intends to attack or otherwise seize control over the Amazon — an obsession that may sometimes have served to give the Brazilian Army something to do.

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