A new novel by Roa Lynn, The Barbosa Legacy

Roa Lynn has published a new novel, The Barbosa Legacy.   It’s protagonist, Alexandre Barbosa, must find out what he can make of his life when he is forced to live by his wits, without the support of either friends or family.

All Alexandre’s plans for the future are turned upside down by his father’s gambling losses and his own decision to risk his life in opposition to the Brazilian military dictatorship of the 1960s. He and his lover, Monica, both architecture students in Rio de Janeiro, will have make new lives for themselves, living by their wits, first in Chile, then in New York.

Along the way, Alexandre will encounter Kate Lawrence, the protagonist of Farewell Rio, and readers will see through Alexandre’s eyes what happens to Kate after she leaves Brazil.

The Barbosa Legacy begins in 1969, just after the end of Farewell Rio.  In that sense, it is a sequel.   While Farewell Rio presented the dramatic events of 1968 in Rio de Janeiro through the eyes of a somewhat detached observer, Kate Lawrence, an American poet, The Barbosa Legacy presents the subsequent events through the eyes of a fully engaged participant, a Brazilian man.

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