A New York Times article describes the destruction of favela homes in preparation for the Olympics

An article in The New York Times, “In the Name of the Future, Rio is Destroying its Past.” describes the destruction of homes in the Favela Providência in downtown Rio de Janeiro as part of the pre-Olympic-games development of Rio.  According to the article, favela residents are given little advance warning and little opportunity to protest.  Many of their families have lived in the favela for generations.  The article implies that the demolition of these residences is unjust.

This favela was mentioned in the last pages of Farewell Rio, which describe a landslide that killed many residents in 1968.  The favela was originally named after a kind of flower, “favela” in Portuguese, that grew on the hillside where it was built.  It was the first such hillside slum in Rio, and its name became the generic name of similar settlements subsequently constructed.


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