Where Is Happiness? (Onde Está a Felicidade?) — At the 6th annual Brazilian Film Week

Where Is Happiness? (Onde Está a Felicidade?)

6th Brazilian Film Week 2012 sponsored by the Brazilian Embassy, Washington D.C.

Location:  E Street Cinema  555 11th Street

In this very silly comedy, played at a high pitch of ridiculousness, Theodora, the host of a food program on television embarks on a journey of self discovery.  Where does she go to find herself after discovering that her husband has developed a relationship with a woman online he has never met in person?  Off to a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain where she and her two companions, Zeca and Milena, do a burlesque of the famous walk.  Along the way they  have comic encounters with fellow travelers who are looking for peace, self-knowledge and new loves.  You will have a few good laughs during the movie at the over-the-top histrionics.  Don’t expect more than that.    

Roa Lynn

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