We’re together (Estamos Juntos). At the 6th annual Brazilian Film Festival.

We’re together (Estamos Juntos).

6th Brazilian Film Week 2012 sponsored by the Brazilian Embassy, Washington D.C.

Location:  E Street Cinema  555 11th Street

Leandra Leal gives a strong performance as Carmem, a physician in training at a São Paulo hospital whose life and loves are thrown into turmoil by a discovery about her own health.  Although she is a beautiful and attractive woman, initially she seems lonely and disconnected from most of her peers.  She does volunteer to work with the members of a São Paulo homeless community.

One of the strengths of the film is its cinematography of the city of São Paulo, including a dramatic opening sequence in which a helicopter flies over the fog-shrouded city.  The film also gives a little insight into the plight of São Paulo’s homeless.

The drama was impaired by unresolved mysteries concerning Carmem’s relations with two male characters, her gay friend Murilo and another close male friend who is seen in several scenes lovingly trimming her hair.  The entire film would have made more sense if I had been able to understand how and why Carmem was involved with Murilo, and what was her connection with the man who cuts her hair.  At the end, after she has been through her own crisis, I was left with the impression that, all along, the hair cutter probably was her true love, but I wasn’t sure.

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