Craft (Riscado) at the 6th annual Brazilian Film Week, Washington, D.C.

Craft (Riscado)

6th Brazilian Film Week 2012 sponsored by the Brazilian Embassy, Washington D.C.

Location:  E Street Cinema  555 11th Street

Bianca is an underemployed actress in Rio de Janeiro whose career has yet to take off.  To make ends meet she promotes private events impersonating movie divas such as Marilyn Monroe and Carmen Miranda.  She preserves with single-minded dedication to her craft, hoping her big chance is going to come.  Finally an audition leads to a rare opportunity and possible redemption for years of being marginalized in her chosen profession.  She is to star in an international movie!  But just as production gets underway the director puts another actress in the lead role that Bianca thought was hers.

Unfortunately, this movie directed by Gustavo Pizzi simply does not work.  He has directed documentaries which I have not seen; Craft is his first feature film.  The film is slow, languishing on scenes that are not interesting and the lead performance by the actress Karine Teles leaves much to be desired.  Not for a minute did I believe that her character, Bianca, was a gifted actress who simply hadn’t gotten a lucky break.  If you want to experience the drama inside the world of a talented but overlooked artist, Craft will leave you dissatisfied.  The film is weak.  Throughout much of it, it is simply a bore.

 Roa Lynn

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