Photos illustrating Farewell Rio, Chapter 10

Page 122.

Every week a sad surprise,
Revolving around a territory that doesn’t exist,
A brown and green shading on a paper map.
Where are the mountains?
Where is Mato Grosso? Ceará? Rio de Janeiro?

[Google Map of Brazil, showing Rio de Janeiro (A), Ceará (B), Mato Grosso (C)]

Page 123.  “Catholic priests entered the fracas on the side of the students. On Sunday, April 21, John, two of our photographers and I attended a mass for student martyrs held at the Church of Candelária downtown.  After the mass was over a dozen priests, led by their bishop, locked their arms and led a column of more than 2,000 student worshipers through the main portal into Pio X Square. We walked alongside the procession.”

[Church of Candelaria, from Wikimedia]

Page 127: “After our drinks we left the Olimpia, lollygagging our way,
patently lovers, through the dark streets of Lapa. It was fall; I was
shivering slightly. John put his arm around my shoulders while he
waited with me for the bonde.”

[The Bonde, arriving at its station in Lapa, from Panoramio]

Page 128.  “John got into the Beetle taxi gracefully, more gracefully than I managed.  We arrived at the northern end of Avenida Atlântica still undecided where to go, when John spotted the Ouro Verde Hotel.”

[The Ouro Verde Hotel seen from Avenida Atlântica, from Google Maps]

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