Photos illustrating Farewell Rio, Chapter 12

Page 150.  “The big gray art deco building was on a corner. Its somber color, squat proportions and lack of transparent windows suggested a fortress.  The outside was heavily guarded by military police. Rua da Relação was the place people were brought for their first interrogation under torture.”

[Google Maps street view of 40 Rua da Relaçao, former DOPS headquarters.]

Page 154.  “The sun had set; it was dark as we headed south in the winter evening. The Leme Palace seemed an unlikely hotel for a revolutionary to use as his base. It was a new luxury hotel that attracted the jet set.”

[Google Maps street view of the Leme Palace Hotel seen from Avenida Atlântica.]

Page 163.  “We rented a car at 4 in the afternoon and drove to Cabo Frio and did nothing for two days except lounge on the beach.”

[The beach at Cabo Frio.]


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