Photos illustrating Farewell Rio, Chapter 13

Page 167.  “Thursday morning we left Rio by air shuttle to Brasília. From there the Brazilian Air Force would fly us 340 miles northwest to Bananal Island, a service it provided for journalists and distinguished guests.  Since we had to go through the capital, John had arranged for an interview with an official of FUNAI, the government’s National Indian Foundation.”

[The offices of FUNAI in Brasília from Google Maps]

Page 169.  “Bounded on the west by the broad green waters of the Araguaia River and on the east by the narrow black waters of the Javaés, Bananal is the largest river island in the world, about the size of Belgium.”

[Satellite view of Bananal Island from Google Maps.  The Araguaia River is the white line running downward just left of the center of the photo.]

Page 169.  “The white, two-story Hotel John Kennedy was located on the banks of the Araguaia in the southern part of the island — indigenous land.  Beyond the perimeter of the hotel, the struggle between man and the elements, between the white man and the Indian, was hidden in an endless labyrinth of rain forest and wetlands.”

[Satellite view of the former site of the John F. Kennedy Hotel from Google Maps.]

Page 173.  “We had come to this juncture in our conversation so naturally, I hardly had time to steady my nerves. I heard myself ask: ‘Did it happen in Bab Edriss?’
‘The central business district? No.

[Bab Idriss, Beirut (note variant spelling) from Google Maps.]

Page 174.  “I took my shot as Riad was strolling along the Corniche.”

[Corniche in Beirut, from Wikipedia.]


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