Photos illustrating Farewell Rio, Chapter 15

Page 196.  “John wanted to take me to the landmark Hotel Quitandinha, built in the 1940s on a grand scale as a gambling casino and resort in Petrópolis, a quaint town in the mountains 40 miles from Rio.”

[Hotel Quitandinha from Panoramio]

Page 197.  “The road wound through tropical forest, pasture, tall fields of sugar-cane that resembled corn ready to be cut.  Orange and banana trees grew near the road until we reached higher elevations.  Hairpin turns, some without guard rails, were set into the
faces of small mountains.”

[View from the road to Petrópolis from Panoramio]

Page 198.  “At dinner he astonished me by slipping a wedding band with a single row of round diamonds on my right hand.

[Hotel Quitandinha dining room from Panoramio.]

Page 199.  “We visited the cathedral to see the tombs of Dom Pedro II and
his empress, dona Teresa Christina.”

[Tombs of Dom Pedro II and Empress Teresa Christina from Dreamstime.]

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