Photos illustrating Farewell Rio, Chapter 2

Page 16.  “After three and a half weeks I had nearly completed my magazine assignment. Feeling lonely at a sidewalk café, I decided to return to my hotel, change into my white maillot and plunge into the Atlantic.”

[Photo from Google Maps of a sidewalk cafe near Ipanema beach.]

Page 19.  “In the late afternoon, seu Gonçalves was on duty. He rose from his chair behind the front desk as soon as he saw me enter the lobby.”

[The lobby of the Hotel Vermont as it is today (2011).]

Page 20.  “Nelson Claudio and I had agreed to meet on the street at 10 o’clock in front of David Bernardes’ Copacabana apartment building.”

[Photo from Google Maps of the entrance to an apartment building on Avenida Atlântica next to Copacabana beach.]

Page 21.  “Nelson Claudio and I made the round of the public rooms. David’s apartment was immense. Rich nut-wood burled paneling, the color of caramel candy, came halfway up the ivory walls. Etched-glass art deco cocktail tables were interspersed between vanilla-colored sofas and ottomans. The living room, dining room and library were satiny
smooth and sumptuous. A long, narrow balcony overlooked Avenida Atlântica, the wide crescent-shaped beach and the open sea beyond.”

[A penthouse apartment in Copacabana.]







[Another penthouse apartment in Copacabana.]


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