Photos illustrating Farewell Rio, Chapter 4

Page 40.  “The whole city was in love and out of love at the same time, and it made everyone miserable. Even scientists and engineers succumbed.  Effortlessly, the city itself stimulated the general sadness by lying invitingly curled around the blue-green bay like a languid woman pressed against the buttocks of her lover. By day her hair was adorned with butterflies, flowers, fleecy clouds. At night she wore a string of glowing lights — strands of diamonds entwining the tall buildings, the mountains and the outstretched arms of Christ the Redeemer. Her movements were slow, easy. Rio, the woman, was not in a hurry.”

[Christ the Redeemer statue on Corcovado Mountain, seen at night.]

Page 51.  “My plan to deal with the bathroom catastrophe centered on the wonderful Copacabana Palace, one of Rio’s few hotels in the luxury class. The large and immaculate ladies’ room had peach sinks and marble counters. Peach terrycloth hand towels were stacked in thick piles between the sinks, and scattered about were pastel boxes of soft facial tissue. Compared with my bivouac, the luxury was overwhelming.”

[The Copacabana Palace Hotel with Corcovado Mountain and Christ the Redeemer Statue in the background.]

[Copacabana Palace Hotel Spa]

[Map showing the Copacabana Palace Hotel.]

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