Photos illustrating Farewell Rio, Chapter 6

Page 62.  “The statistics included Flávio Gruber, age 52, who had been found murdered in the Botanical Garden.  The story stated that a maintenance worker had found the body lying on some rare tropical plants near the entrance.”

[Entrance to the Botanical Garden from]

Page 64.  “When I returned to the apartment Walter and Eva, relaxed, tanned and happy, were just settling in after three days at the historic beach town of Cabo Frio.”

[The beach at Cabo Frio from]

Page 65.  “He suggested I try the archive at Jornal do Brasil. I took a bus downtown to the newspaper’s office.”

[Offices of Jornal do Brasil on Avendida Rio Branco from Google Maps.]

Page 66.  “Tuesday morning I decided to go downtown to the press section at the American Embassy, a nondescript, boxy, modern glass building.”  [Kate is mistaken.  In 1967, the U.S. Embassy had already moved to Brasília and the former embassy building had become the Consulate.]

[The United States Consulate at 147 Avenida Presidente Wilson in Rio de Janeiro.  The photo is from Panoramio.]

Page 67.  “The United Press International bureau was on the sixth floor of the same building that housed Jornal do Brasil.”  [See the photo of the Jornal do Brasil building above.]

Page 74.  “You’re welcome to stay with us. My parents’ house in Santa Teresa is quite large.”

[Street Scene in Santa Teresa (Largo das Neves) with the Bonde cable car.  The photo is from Panoramio.]

[View of downtown Rio de Janeiro from a window in Santa Teresa.]

Page 76.  “The next day at noon I walked over to the Copacabana Palace Hotel, bought Jornal do Brasil at the newsstand, took a table at the elegant poolside café and splurged on a sandwich and a Guaraná.”









[The cafe at the Copacabana Palace Hotel, from]

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