Photos illustrating Farewell Rio, Chapters 11 – 20

Photos Illustrating Farewell Rio, Chapters 11– 20

When this project is complete, each chapter will have a portfolio of photos illustrating the locations mentioned in the chapter together with relevant quotes from the text.  Most of the photos are taken from the Internet, many of them from Google Maps.  Most of the photos show Rio de Janeiro as it is today (2012), rather than as it appeared in 1968 at the time recounted in Farewell Rio.  Over the past 44 years, there have been many changes.  For example, in 1968, Tijuca was a largely empty beach.  Today, it is a region heavily developed with apartment buildings and commercial establishments.

Click a photo to link to its source, which may provide additional information.

Photos for Chapters 1-10.

Photos for Chapter 11.

Photos for Chapter 12.

Photos for Chapter 13.

Photos for Chapter 14.

Photos for Chapter 15.

Photos for Chapter 16.

Photos for Chapter 17.

Photos for Chapter 18.

Photos for Chapter 19.

Photos for Chapter 20.

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