Photos illustrating Farewell Rio, Chapter 7

Page 80.

“But Brazil, it is a dye, a red dye.
Not more.
Don’t become political.
Didn’t you say this is a matter of love?
(Brazilwood, the tropical source of a red dye
valued by the Portuguese,
has given its name
to a country in South America.)”

Brazilwood, the source of a red dye. From

Page 82.  “He sent me off to Galeão Airport to talk to customs officials.”

[Photo of Galeao Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from Google Maps]

Page 84.  “The big story of the day, the one that had Wadson and my eager male colleagues on the run, continued to unfold throughout the afternoon.  The United States Consulate in São Paulo had been smashed by two powerful homemade bombs. Walls, windows, books and furniture had been wrecked. Three Brazilians who worked at the consulate had been injured seriously. One was not expected to live. The police believed at least one of the perpetrators had also been hurt in the explosions.  The bombers got away, leaving a bloodstained trail.”

[US Consulate, Sâo Paulo, from Google Maps.]

Page 89.  “As I descended the six long flights of concrete stairs to reach the street, I saw Maria sitting sideways on the bottom step staring straight ahead.”










[A concrete stairway in Santa Teresa from Google Maps.]


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