The Barbosa Legacy

The Barbosa Legacy

Life doesn’t turn out for Alexandre Barbosa the way he expected.  He was born into a wealthy family in the Brazilian State of São Paulo that has owned one of the largest coffee and cattle-growing plantations in Brazil.   The family has expected him, when his turn comes, to take over the management of their lands.  Alexandre has other ideas.  He is a university student, studying architecture in Rio de Janeiro.  He wants an architecture practice.

The Barbosa family has a long history of gambling for high stakes.  As the story opens in 1969, Alexandre’s father has just lost their plantation in a poker game.  But this isn’t Alexandre’s biggest worry.  He is infuriated by the repressive military dictatorship that seized power in Brazil in 1964.  He feels a patriotic duty to join the left-leaning armed resistance to the generals when he returns to school, knowing that he will be risking his life.

Alexandre will pay a heavy price for his daring exploits in the resistance.  He and his lover, Monica, also an architecture student, will have to put their careers on hold and make new lives for themselves far from their families and far from home.  Their adventures will play out across South America, from Rio de Janeiro to Santiago de Chile, and then in New York.

Along the way, Alexandre will encounter Kate Lawrence, the protagonist of Farewell Rio, and readers will see through Alexandre’s eyes what happens to Kate after she leaves Brazil.

Available in paperback from ($11.99).

Available in paperback from

Available as a Kindle e-book on ($2.99).

Versions for other e-readers, such as PC, Sony and Nook, are available here ($2.99).

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